Sunday, January 9, 2011


Boom Parvati

Listen to the music -

Coiled and curled, crossing in curves, contoured with colours – concocting crawling. From a hundred paths the centipede enters the canal, in ear park; quivering lips whispering lisps of those that would spark the light to split, slit, spit, and start:

“Do you know who you are or what you do? The priorities that determine me and you. Hey, hush – wait, don’t start. They may just tear you apart. Isn’t it weird, to be all alone – without a place to go to and nothing left to hone. There is no home for those who just want to roam. You can’t be a drifter, hear the bell, the ticking clock, it’s time to feed and time to sleep; work and don’t stop – Paolo’s pigs. See that. I offer the double deluxe bundle of doubt and salvation. Circular tradition. Come back for more, stay with me – discounts, freebees, the chance to see the light and others are all here for thee. See how fine it is.

‘There was a boy who went up a road. The strain upon his fragile legs was quite much. The altitude continuously changed, it affected his breathing – he was going higher.’

So many possibilities; metaphorical. Now pick any string from the rant and make your own stories. Is he is walking? Which road is he talking? What is his path and destination? Where is he going? Why? Or is he on drugs - high as a kite? Does a kite walk? Or flying? Which one is he doing? Floating? Swimming? Is air for a bird the same as water for a fish? Shit, the woeful lot of possibilities from such silliness. O’ hear my calls and answer me. Affirmations. Confirmations. You must be smart to make such determinations. My tongue of intellect has grasped your definition. Venomous injections, fangs on your neck, here is my kiss of romance, stay with me and I’ll slay you in my trance. It rhymes in an American accent, Puerto Rican ferment, North African descent, Arabian scent, British lament, Indian well spent, dividing you with geography, or any other differential possibility; the serpent.

Charm me, dance with me. Together we will orgasm in this fantasy.

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