Thursday, September 30, 2010

Painting the bigger Picture

Self Creaturization

The enzymes in us release neurological chemical transmitters that permit the interaction of neurons via electric signals so that these electrochemical messages connect the brain to the rest of the organs permitting vital bodily functions to process through time and assimilate all that is essential in order to continue various circadian tendency through projected images of space and of course also enable Talking

which goes like this;

“Hello, you see if we were told that we were free, then we could possibly notice how I am pulling, and tugging and pushing all of this towards a reader - while roping in and tunneling through a tornado style sucking you within the labyrinth of these words. So while you dream an escape and think you would be released you continue in a desperate bid due to your addiction to a notion of closure. Thus this urge to believe that there is an end to all that begins and love for the beginning is what drives you away from seeing the whole picture as you drift from the notion of it ever coming to an end. Here is denial. None of this is true. What is going on will go on without an end. Though the morbid conception of fear has hampered visions through the tides of time they are all at your disposal right now to view with the subjectivity of all that has been through you and me or what is also referred to as space. That is history and it is all there to be innovated, renovated, analyzed, justified and others to continue this babble, and you are still here, still in the wormland of words, as it is easy to get lost and forget that these are just layers, modes of the same reality, shaping you according to thee. A lego toy looks at himself and smiles – for you are what you feel.”

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sound System

Sound CystOm
Where do you think the term 'Boom Shiva' comes from?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Finger Revolution

I got the title in the naughty spot there.

"A spirit only becomes free at the point where it ceases to be invoked as a support"
- Franz Kafka

There is a pervasive urge in the realm of humanity to divulge responsibility upon an entity perceived to be distinctly separate from an image of self. This small attribute of our attitudes is what beckons the rise of emotions and energies into states of conflict. An example of this is would be the call for revolution that many persons readily indulge in.

There have been numerous calls for the afore mentioned ‘struggle’, ‘revolt’ and ‘uprising’ against ‘the system’,’ the oppressors’, ‘the elites’ time and again. There have been various alternatives that have been taken into consideration and implemented on every conceivable size and scale on this planet.

The notion of supreme equality on the physical realm was implemented in all the communist countries. The idea of everyone having a say in the functioning of a system was implemented in democracy. There have been, aside from these two major blocs, various communities and lifestyles which have operated and persisted on this planet. The diversity of our experiments upon us is the subject of understanding here. The results – none of it works in order to optimally satisfy every individual.

The root of it all, so it seems at this point to the author, is the notion of individuality in itself. There is an image of a body built over time that is referenced as an individual entity. It is true that the physical self appears to be distinct and unique from that which is beyond the confines of its skin but the essential misconception is that this self exists as a unit in itself – and it most certainly does, but not in the traditional sense that it is understood in. The understanding that we have of the world around us is that it is comprised of energy or matter (they are interchangeable anyway), depending on your school of thought, yet this energy is not simply within the confines of your skin, it exists and will continue to do so beyond it as well.

Rerouting back to the subject of the essay; the call for revolution seems to miss this point entirely. A revolution or ‘change’ as perceived by most people is external. “Here, look son, there is some injustice happening there so we should worry about it here and parade outside a sandcastle called the parliament.” Perhaps even burn it down. It is absolutely ludicrous. There is no possible way to fight the so called system as all the pain inflicted by it is caused by the internal self. This calls for elaboration; So I continue to type like an idiot who has contracted a localized form of epilepsy that is limited to the regions of the palms - and sometimes the jaw.

The issue, so I proclaim, is internal as the imbalance that is perceived 'outside' is merely a reflection of the turmoil within. A truly content person would not be bothered by misappropriated portrayals of concocted concepts like 'injustice' or 'tragedy'. They are diegetic forces that are great for weaving exciting stories of Kings and Countries but in reality they are nothing but mere words used to invoke pointless conflicts in and around those who do not know better. On the other hand, it is a simple dismissal of the potential of those who enlist their support for these activities. Instead of actualizing potential and having the courage to accept and readily involve oneself in the process of bettering ones outlook the call for revolution simply provides an illusion of tragedy thereby giving its propagators a sense of upliftment for doing something about it. It is merely a transfer of responsibility that rightfully belongs in the individual into a constructed concept of the 'other' thereby ridding the indulgent from guilt.

So is there an answer at the end of it all? Do we just go on and accept whatever we get and not question it? Do we just accept all the killing the bloodshed and others such without saying a word as it is not 'our' responsibility?

These questions have one answer and that is simple. Yes, they are relevant as we are indeed damaging ourselves and others due to our wrongly assessed priorities but with a change from within a change beyond can be possible and not the other way round. Once the misconceptions of the mind are overcome only then can it be possible to move beyond itself and apply positive changes into the environs. Without this the effects can be damaging for both the individual and the cause.

Don't point fingers at others man, its fuckin' rude.

Monday, September 6, 2010







Ceasar's ghost

Ceasars Ghost
"As a rule, men worry more about what they can't see than about what they can."
Brutus should have listened. Et Tu not paying attention?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the Chiller

the Chiller
The Locksmith
free your mind


Once upon a time there was a King. He, however, was the kind who liked to be reminded of his superiority over his subjects. Now, this King, passed a legislation, that all his subjects were to sit at a lower level than him. If the King sat on a chair then his subjects would sit on the ground. This is pretty easy to understand. This went on for a while until the King noticed how content his subjects were. They were chattering and laughing amongst themselves. He then thought that there was something interesting about the ground. He passed another law. All his subjects must sit above him. When he did this, the King realised that they were content sitting on the chairs and he was alone on the ground. It made him wonder. The king then passed a legislation that his people must never remind him of him being their king and the kingdom prospered.

Humans have an inherent tendency to dissect in order to provide an illusion of meaning and thus that of understanding the world around us.

Let me start this rant with a simple example of segregation;

There is a circle. There is nothing complicated about it, it is a small simple circle, elegant in form and complete in its simplicity. Human interference comes about and divides the circle into four different and equal parts. Now, the first part is removed from the circle and is subjected to a few centuries of thought, debate, understanding, equating, and others such. After a point of time the quarter does not garner much of human interest anymore as they see the banality of it.

Ain’t no quarter man, no loose change, the time for credit is here.

Now they are in the quest of finding the whole circle in order to apply the same degree of stupidity upon the other three. Having found them and doing the afore mentioned, they still would not be able to perceive the humble, cimple sircle, as it is. You see, they cannot get past the conditioning inflicted upon them by the so-called understanding of the first part. Partially it is very complex therefore the whole cannot be simple.

The semantics, you see, is where it all disseminates. There is much amped debate about the role of copyright in the age of the internet and others such. “What is right, is remixing an art or is it just stealing somebody else’s hard work” and so on. All these just indicate one thing – we have a hell of a lot of time at our disposal to talk about things that are at their base level, primitive, and then to spiral further down, irrelevant.

A long time ago, and this time that I am referring to is not something that you would ascribe inside a history book, there were intelligent people. The realisation of consciousness and contemplation upon the same brought about a change on this planet. Soon they found that their minds were capable of contemplation beyond the physical yet they were subjected to conviction by the physical. Therefore in order to keep the speculation alive the simplicity of the environment they were present in was not adequate enough to entertain their minds. Enter the rest -

Language, theory, art, expression, communication, religion, even this little bit of illiterature, all of it is part of a process that had been crafted for the sheer purpose of indulgence. This indulgence, and this is the cool part, is not about some berserk sexual fantasy or an expensive French meal. It is merely a satisfaction derived from the completion of an event that was perceived to provide an illusion of achievement, intellectual prowess, self-understanding, or any other such goals. Imagine it to be a big box of lego that was given to an architect who made a hundred foot tall maze with the complexity that puts the pyramids to shame. These are tools of satisfaction.

Alpha beta particles.

We are all products of mind. In this realm that is all we are. The whole notion of freedom, liberty, assessment, intellect and so on are nothing but tools of dissection. I am a free man therefore you are not, I am a citizen and you are not. Me versus you. The earth came as a small sphere but we had to make ludicrous shapes on it and call it maps just for the purpose of understanding. If you met a man then you could assess him by asking him which nation he is from, it helps your mind categorize and archive, then pull out a little bundle of preconceptions that give you an illusion of knowing the other man. What is your job, income, nationality, religion, sexual lenience, political allegiance, school of thought and a bit more babble…What is It?

Dismantle, recreate; Mentalmorphosis.