Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Screaming Butterfly

There was a congregation of everything inside nothing.

That was just momentary – all just for a moment and a moment so fine that it almost did not exist. The deeper you think about it the smaller was its duration; it was literally, just a point inside a moment within an edge for a blink of a fraction. After this it blew up, and it was such a large blast that it created a very big bang.
Chunks of matter formed and floated spiraling, steering at sterling fast speeds transfiguring and transforming their shapes and forms moving moulding and manipulating themselves and the others all around tethering and teething through teeming masses. They bumped into, out of, within and through each other, through themselves, through rather convincing formations of neither them nor the others, through space and special times past alien rhymes.

They whirled in the winds that they created; they became solids amidst liquids, and fluidly became gases within masses and condensed, vaporized, much of this was just theorized. Soon and slowly they began to burst, to burn and in this chaos some chunks churned and spiraled into orbits little tidbits of the same blitz.

So spherically realizing itself some portions cooled in a settled whirl swimming around a burning circle. The circles spun and span until there was a moment where within one of them this scan did zoom and whom or what did the eyes see; smaller portions of nothingness expanding into everything that could be. They whirled and whirled inside and out from each other in many permutations and combinations of the same criteria forming the first sign of life that we now know as cyan bacteria.

There is a point from which there is no turning back and this point was now ready to attack with hysteria. The cells multiplied the biology we learned implied that from this point onwards replication and bifurcation did arise. Coupling together these built blocks battled against the other bits of blocks through clocks that floated, and rested on many trees melting while ticking dictating the advancement of what was only splitting and splicing.

The cells made fishes and fossils, aquatic puzzles, that came out of water onto land and quickly took off from there into the skies before the very same eyes saw the cooling of this fooling around and an ice age did stop most of the dinosaurs rage. Still through the cold heart of the start some did manage to depart into a warmer realm as little rats that were eaten by cats who were chased by dogs who took care of cows and who knows what else or how.

During all of this there came a monkey – who lived and evolved and learned to walk and talk and then the conversations did not stop. Julius Caesar, Jesus H. Christ, Gautam Buddha and Alexander’s might, all did come about and create a primate’s tale that to this day has not gone stale. The baboons spread, build their jams butter and bread, made books from where all of this could be read, and libraries to continue this story to be fed into more armpit scratching junkies, filling them with hopes, dopes, stories of priests with whom young girls unwillingly eloped – the popes. The buildings arrived, the civilization only then did thrive, and through all of this realization you find yourself on a road amidst this wonderful creation that has made you believe in the time that has put behind you this very heavy cross of duty that so many others endorse.

All about you all you can see, are people following a dream of maybe – one day we could rise and shine like the boys and girls embedded within these lines. Following this sparkling vision was the inevitable confusion for most did omit the fact that much and more of it was simply bullshit.

Religion was a Chinese whisper played by men who could not help but keep their creativity from Her. Their tales were nice and riddled with graced intents, but the morons who heard it thought of the deepness that it could have meant. Then they thought and that’s when they forgot that they were on a road in the middle of a show amidst sky scrapers and dreams that we all know. Spiraled from these visions that were heard came the business of fooling the herd. A foolish monkey told another of the world to be earned and in their foolishness did they churn the banking cartels or the monetary brothels raping and feasting on the lust of their desires and their cravings that simply must be fulfilled for King for Country for Glory and well you know this story.

So on the tar and gravel, with shoes torn from the long travel, where have you reached and what have you achieved? Tell another monkey; Of the prophecy that was preached inside some walls called a University, Of experiences of cheating and deceiving other idiots resulting in you receiving little green slips with fascist faces congratulating you on running in the races. No sir not today, for the only choice we have is to make way for the joy that was always there to employ the energies that we reserve and sooth ours and perhaps another fellows hallucinating nerves.

So the soles of the shoes feel the pressure exerted by the toes. The stiff burst of energy climbs ever so higher into the regions of ankles before you begin to perspire. The calves flex as the thighs bend forward angling the abdomen before reaching the thorax. A gulp of saliva runs down a stretching neck as it crosses another breath exhaling making the fine line between the within and the outside – blurring. The electricity makes the muscles under the tongue stretch out through the teeth eating for all these years and months and days and minutes and seconds. All of creation and eternity congregates and congeals getting ever closer and closer to the tip of that pink flesh stretching further and further into the outside from within and going beyond making the distinction between things slimmer and thinner, the lines get finer as there is no time or space to define this moment of grace.

There was a congregation of everything inside nothing.

Then there was the lemon.

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