Thursday, September 30, 2010

Painting the bigger Picture

Self Creaturization

The enzymes in us release neurological chemical transmitters that permit the interaction of neurons via electric signals so that these electrochemical messages connect the brain to the rest of the organs permitting vital bodily functions to process through time and assimilate all that is essential in order to continue various circadian tendency through projected images of space and of course also enable Talking

which goes like this;

“Hello, you see if we were told that we were free, then we could possibly notice how I am pulling, and tugging and pushing all of this towards a reader - while roping in and tunneling through a tornado style sucking you within the labyrinth of these words. So while you dream an escape and think you would be released you continue in a desperate bid due to your addiction to a notion of closure. Thus this urge to believe that there is an end to all that begins and love for the beginning is what drives you away from seeing the whole picture as you drift from the notion of it ever coming to an end. Here is denial. None of this is true. What is going on will go on without an end. Though the morbid conception of fear has hampered visions through the tides of time they are all at your disposal right now to view with the subjectivity of all that has been through you and me or what is also referred to as space. That is history and it is all there to be innovated, renovated, analyzed, justified and others to continue this babble, and you are still here, still in the wormland of words, as it is easy to get lost and forget that these are just layers, modes of the same reality, shaping you according to thee. A lego toy looks at himself and smiles – for you are what you feel.”

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